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They are meant to operate on a 24 hour basis, seven days a week, every week of the year. It is estimated that ten dollars in operational costs are saved for every dollar spent on green building systems. All health care institutions have a built-in incentive to reduce energy consumption. Money not spent on energy can be used to improve patient care.

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Whether it is switching lighting systems or moving to geothermal energy, many New Brunswick health care institutions are realizing savings by moving away from more expensive or wasteful systems to those that are leaner or have lower operating costs. Loch Lomond Villa in Saint John, for example, has made energy efficiency a major part of their renewal plan for its nursing home campus. Just as a green approach to health care includes the entire life-cycle of its infrastructure, it also includes the waste products that emerge from the system.

These are no ordinary waste products, as you can well imagine, and require their own disposal methods. Hospitals are also making concerted efforts to reduce the use of products that contain hazardous materials, such as mercury or biological waste. However, it is important to note that four out of five hospitals are already implementing waste reduction policies aimed at all sources of waste in their operations, not just medical waste.

These aggressive waste reduction policies look at procurement as much as they focus on disposal.

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There are other kinds of waste that we need to look at if we truly embrace a green approach to health care. Given the significant amount of tax dollars that are required by health care, we need to be more aggressive in managing costs within our system. This does not mean draconian approaches of de-listing services, rationing health care or user fees.

It means taking measures to improve efficiency within the system and improving patient service. Like other jurisdictions, New Brunswick is struggling with the implementation of an information technology system for health care.

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Despite the increasing levels of computerization, we still have a paper-driven system that is unable to keep up with the multiple health care providers that are used by individual New Brunswickers. If we were to implement a more patient-centred system to better co-ordinate the activities of generalists, specialists and allied professions, we would have a system that would provide better care at less cost and with less delay.

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A more efficient system would significantly cut down on the number of redundant medical tests. Not only would this reduce the inconvenience for patients, an earlier diagnosis has the potential for better health outcomes and more effective treatment options. When examined closely, an efficient, effective health care system costs less than one that is ineffective and inefficient.